Technical advice in legal proceedings - iProtec

Not without previous technical advice

At GUÀRDIA-AMELLA, from the experience accumulated over the years, we are aware -day by day- of the mistakes that most people make when initiating legal proceedings. Sometimes due to lack of knowledge, sometimes due to poor advice, legal proceedings are initiated against a natural or legal person -with the costs that this implies- without having previously had the technical possibilities of success. The technical feasibility of some procedures is as much or more important than legal advice on the lawyers side, and the user is unaware of it, apart from the fact that lawyers do not recommend them.

And they do not recommend them for various reasons, but the fundamental ones are: fear that they will be reduced to prominence, ignorance, fear of losing the possibility of pleading in the face of the inviability of technical success, with the economic consequence that it may bring, etc.

Fortunately, every day, both Law Firms and independent Lawyers are more sensitive and weigh technical advice in legal proceedings as a very useful tool and to be taken into account, requesting the services of the world of technical-legal expertise in general.

Many Lawyers have realized that going hand in hand with a good professional of technical technical-legal expertise gives strength and credibility to their defense, increases the possibilities of convincing the Judiciary and transmit seriousness, enthusiasm and confidence to their clients.

We are of the ones who are fully convinced that most of the times good technical and legal advice is as much or more important, and every day more people turn to technical advice in the first place, leaving the legal one behind.

Our firm is in favor of resorting to both parties equally, of placing trust in one specialty as well as another. The successes of the “adventure” to be undertaken depend largely on the choice of a good lawyer and a good technical expert.

It is about convincing, with as many tests as possible, that person on whom our luck depends and hangs, the Judges, and what better than having the backing and support of a good expert in laws and a good expert in technical matters that concerns us.

Guàrdia-Amella is firmly committed to teamwork and well done, for quality, for experience, for “professional fair play”, as a bet for success.

It only depends on you, on your success in choosing both one and the other.