Law 50/80 of October 8 and other concordants establishes -among others- the following rights of the Insured against the Insurer:

Appointment of own Technical-Legal Expert. The Insured may accept or refuse the Expert appointed by the Insurer at the time of a claim affecting their properties and designate their own.

Appointment of a third Expert in cases of discrepancies with the appraisal practiced on the damaged property by the person designated by the Insurance Company, in time and in accordance with the aforementioned Law.

Our Technical-Legal Expertise Group, by not collaborating with the Insurance Companies at the present time -has done so for many years- has its hands free of ties, which gives us complete freedom of action and professional objectivity. We are members of APCAS in Spain and of the European institutions FUEDI-NLAE and FIEA, which means that we have recognition and freedom of action within the European Union (EU).

iprotec+ offers its clients full advice from the insurance world, with a wide range of professional experts to:

Advise you the best insurance as well as what best suits your needs.

How should you subscribe them.

What capitals and hedges do or do not proceed according to each of the cases.

Advise you when an incident occurs.

Intervene as Technical-Legal Experts in case of disagreement with the appraisal made by your Insurance Company.


Insurance specialties we provide coverage:

Breakdown Commissioners

General Civil Liability

Recreation boats

Cars (VA)

Miscellaneous Risks (IRD)


Making insurance is easy, but doing it well is not so much. Economic insurance can be very expensive in the event of a claim, so saving a few euros does not lead to anything positive.

Let yourself be advised by an expert-elect of professionals in this field; Your peace of mind is priceless and we are for that, for your personal well-being, that of your family and that of your business or company.