We get naked - iProtec

At iprotec + we get naked! New modality of technical-legal expert intervention to low cost for needs.

At iPROTEC+ we have decided to undress before you, and therefore created the LOW COST technical-legal expert service for all those people who cannot face technical-legal expert intervention in the defense of their economic interests before the courts of justice or in mediation. The crisis affects us all equally, but some more than others, and it is precisely for the most disadvantaged and affected by what we have thought we should give it a try.

All you have to do is to show that you cannot afford all of our technical-legal expert intervention because you can barely cover the costs of a lawyer so that we can provide you, after signing it, our LOW COST services. Maximum quality and efficiency at a LOW price.

How does it work? very easy; At the beginning you do not contribute a small amount to cover our expenses for the intervention, we provide you our knowledge and proven experience and as we are convinced of the success of the company, after you have passed a favorable sentence, you can pay us the rest. That easy!

In the event that the sentence is unfavorable, you do not have to pay an amount. Contact us without hesitation! We are here to serve and help you.