Legal and Technical Services - iProtec

Iprotec+ the first spanish legal / technical and business firm

Currently, our firm iProTec+ is in a position to offer the Spanish and international market the pioneering formula of bringing together comprehensive legal and technical services. Yes, you have read correctly, the first service platform in Spain that offers you, without needing to waste a minute of your precious time searching for the legal or technical advice you need.

At iProTec+ we have succeeded. We are very pleased to be able to boast that we are the pioneers who can have the best law firms, independent lawyers, counting on the best in each and every one of the specialties, both locally (Spain) and internationally.

As we have also -of course- in our ranks established technicians, with experience, knowledge and credibility. And all this has not been easy in a market like the Spanish, very conservative and immobilized forever, little given to experiments and adventures, excessively static, little given to mobility. As it is also to dispense with unnecessary costs, convinced that with an excellent presence in the markets (movable and real estate assets) they are sure of success.

We have tried to bring together a dynamic, middle-aged profile with ideas that are more European and North American than Spanish, because we are convinced that the future passes precisely through this scenario. Professionals who know that you have to be very competitive, with very high yields and productivity, but above all, passionate about your work.

Currently we have a physical presence in Madrid, Barcelona and Zaragoza, and virtual in several provincial capitals from which we can give full coverage on the peninsula and the Balearic and Canarias Islands. We have agreed international exchanges in many specialties, especially in the legal/mercantile, adoption and family fields, among others that I would not like to omit, but which are certainly no less important than those mentioned.

Anyway, from this post I encourage all those who want to join us, do not hesitate if they are convinced that they have a place in our form. We will study each of the applications and select those that we understand are more and better suited to our way of thinking and being.