iprotec - Somos un Gabinete Pericial

We are a Technical-Legal Expertise Group

In the broadest technical sense of the word

With extensive experience in the world of Legal Expertise, collaborating with Law Firms and lawyers as well as Courts, Insurance Entities, Companies, Freelancers, Insurance Brokers, etc.

Our origins go back to the beginning of the eighties in Barcelona city, extending territorially and, over time, to all of Catalonia and also to all of Aragon.

Since then, our motto has had very solid pillars that, modestly, have given us the fruits and objectives pursued, such as:

Efficacy and agility

Perfect and high quality work

Total discretion

Maximum professionalism


Total impartiality

We are aware that good legal management, accompanied by good technical support, can strengthen your work and, ultimately, give very satisfactory results for your clients.

For us the most important thing are the teams. We are a professional team from various sectors, ready to collaborate with you when you deem it appropriate, sharing our knowledge, experiences and values with the sole objective of providing technical advice on each of the subjects you require for the total success of your management.

We are fully convinced that adding efforts we will achieve the most optimal results. Because for you, your clients are unique and we work for each of them based on their specific needs.

iprotec - Lo más importante son los equipos

Our Services

Information about automotive and the reconstruction of traffic crashes.

iprotec+ provides technical-legal expert services in various branches of engineering and architecture.

Valuation of inherited assets in order to obtain the current real market value, facilitating calculations for notaries, registry offices, settlement offices…

iprotec+ offers its clients comprehensive advice from the insurance world.

Knowing the real technical value of the property for appraisal / valuation, which allows us to know its fair price for the purchase/sale as well as, at the time of claims by the liquidation office of the Tax Office, local Administrations (calculation of capital gains and discrepancies) and Insurance Entities.

Technical-Legal Experts on the economic and patrimonial situation of the parties at the beginning of the coexistence and at the moment of ceasing it (in order to calculate the amount of economic compensation). Real estate, furniture, financial products…